Opportunities for Students

Below, please find many opportunities for students from yearly events to summer employment. 

**Opportunities will be posted as they become available**

Helpful Links for All Students:

  • My Blueprint (see Mrs. McCarthy if you can’t remember your log in details)

  • Employment Journey (labour market information and current listing of jobs available on PEI)

  • Community Service Bursary Program – grade 10-12 can earn bursary money for volunteering in their community.  Students need to register with the program prior to starting hours.  Students can collect up to 150 hours and earn up to $750 in bursary money by the end of grade 12.

  • PEI Farm Team– interested in working a farm job as summer employment?  Contact PEI Farm team to pass along your contact information, who will then pass it along to farmers looking for laborers.  You can earn a $500-$1000 bursary at the time of your graduation upon successful completion.

  • Team Seafood– are you working in a seafood processing plant this summer?  If you register with this program you can earn at $500-$1000 bursary.  Click on the link to find out more information.


Youth on Board Pilot Project- now accepting student applications

If you are a rural student in grade 10, 11 or 12 and are interested in:

  • a learning experience with a non-profit organization or municipal administration until May 2022
  • experience you can put on a resume
  • an honorarium/payment of up to $500
  • board of governance training
  • connection to your community
  • networking experiences
  • learning new skills
  • having fun!

Apply online to the newly released Youth on Board Pilot Project before September 27th on the government website: https://www.princeedwardisland.ca/en/service/youth-on-board-student-application-and-guidelines   OR contact Sonia Dixon, Community Development Officer sddixon@gov.pe.ca, (902) 838-0618